Oxford Rise & Recliner Chair

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Lift chairs for seniors can give back some independence. We have a range of lift chairs for sale

A lift chair can help seniors regain some independence by assisting with mobility. For many people one of the challenges with ageing is the inability to get in and out of a chair easily, particularly lower chairs like lounge suites and recliners.

Lift chairs look and feel like usual recliner chairs but they are operated electronically to allow measured control in raising and lowering the chair.

The Oxford Rise Recliner Chair is a beautifully designed and manufactured chair. It will quickly become your new favourite chair. Featuring cushioned back support and soft padded arms for added comfort. When reclined in the fully extended position the back and footrest provides great support for your joints and muscles, and promotes healthy circulation.

A lift chair not only helps the user but if you have a caregiver they will also benefit. Your carer will be free to tend to other tasks now that you can get in and out of your chair unassisted. A lift chair for seniors will also help prevent many of the strain injuries that occur to caregivers when assisting the transition in and out of traditional seating.

Are you looking for lift chairs for seniors? Our online store has a range of lift chairs for sale. Call us today to learn more or order direct

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