Oxford Rise Recline Chair

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Comfortable reclining armchair for the elderly

Are you looking for a comfortable reclining armchair in your elderly years? Are you growing frustrated with your favourite old chair because it is no longer easy to get in and out of?

There are some great seating options on the market that assist with support and mobility.

The Oxford Rise Recline Chair is a very popular model. It was designed with absolute comfort and independence in mind.

It has been engineered to provide strategic support points by understanding the musculoskeletal system. This armchair is simple to use with a straight forward operating procedure – reclining and tilting.

When in the fully reclined position it lets your feet rest just above hip height which promotes good circulation.

The tilting function is ideal for those who have trouble raising themselves from a sitting position due to reduced capacity or mobility. It is very easy to shift your body according to your needs.

Order your reclining armchair today and begin enjoying the benefits of increased independence

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