Chairmaster Excercise Chair

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An exercise chair for seniors and the elderly

The Chairmaster was designed specifically for seniors and the elderly or anyone with limited mobility. It is an exercise chair with in-built features enabling you to participate in over fifty different chair exercises. It covers every aspect of physical health: cardio, strength, flexibility and balance.

Perhaps you’ve been ill or have suffered some serious physical setbacks? This may have prevented you from exercising and you’ve lost some fitness, strength and mobility. Your body responds at any age to training so begin exercising now and you will reap the benefits of improved circulation and strength.

The Chairmaster is suitable for all fitness levels and is easy to use.

The exercise bike is stored under the seat. Roll it out - complete your cycling session while sitting down - roll it away again for neat storage. It has five different resistance levels suitable for beginner through to advanced.

The resistance bands can be used to give all your muscles a workout: overhead stretches challenge the underarm, and bicep curls develop your grip and arm strength, for example.

The sturdy and streamlined design of the chair makes it ideal for yoga and standing exercises that develop your balancing strength.

A beautiful and comfortable exercise chair is an ideal way to begin developing your fitness and strength. Order your Chairmaster today

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