Revitalife Haven Therapeutic Recliner Lift Chair

Medical Recliner Chairs for Increased Mobility and Comfort

A medical recliner chair that is comfortable and assists you with sitting down and getting up is a welcome relief to those with mobility or pain management issues.

If you experience pain or stiffness that is inhibiting you from independently getting in and out of your chair then a recliner chair can help you maintain your independence and comfort. Reduce your reliance on others for assistance and regain some independence.

The Revitalife Haven Therapeutic Recliner Lift Chair gives you the optimum relaxation and lounging support. It is designed to work with your body to help you find the most comfortable and supportive position for your spine and joints. Enjoy your leisure time in a medical recliner chair that gives you greater scope to adjust to your needs and lets you get some independence.

It is easy to operate with one button to assist with getting into and out of the chair and one button to find the ultimate reclining position.

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