Revitalife Freedom Plus Therapeutic Bed

The Therapeutic Recliner Chair Bed

Giving your body the best support available while resting and sleeping sets you up for a better quality of life and enhance wellbeing. A good start to the day begins with undisturbed sleep and well rested muscles. Choosing the right bed and mattress can make a huge difference to our quality of sleep and can help rest joints and muscles more effectively.

Advances in technology and engineering mean that we can now design and customise our beds to suit our bodies. The Revitalife Freedom Plus Therapeutic bed has been cleverly engineered to ensure a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep. You can adjust it to suit your preferred sleeping position and give your spine and joints optimal right support.

You don’t need to accept poor quality sleep as normal.

Order a recliner chair and bed today for a more comfortable sleep and for greater independence

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