Oxford Rise Recliner Chair

A chair that supports standing and walking for disabled

Sitting and rising from a poorly designed chair can negatively impact on your ability to walk with ease and is a challenge for those who are disabled in any way.

The physical decline that comes with ageing means that we may find it difficult to get up from a seated position.

Knee and hip joint problems can occur at any age but elderly people are a particularly vulnerable age group due to the physiological changes caused by the ageing process.

The Oxford Rise Recliner Chair is engineered and manufactured understanding the pressure loads and points of the human body to ensure better rested muscles and joints. Rest with better support and regain some independence. One button operation lets you rise out of your chair easily meaning you will no longer need to rely on others for support.

Are you looking for an intelligently designed recliner chair that provides comfort and support? Order your chair online today for immediate delivery

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