Cambridge Rise Recline Chair

Aged care chairs that bring better quality of life

The Cambridge Rise Recliner Chair is a popular chair used in aged care facilities and nursing homes. A well-designed recliner, it addresses the unique requirements of those with decreased mobility, while encouraging independent living.

As we age our joints and muscles require additional support and we begin to experience mobility issues. With no need to compromise on safety or comfort, our range of recliners will offer optimal comfort and mobility.

The Cambridge Rise Recliner Chair offers a considerate design that allows the individual the ability to recline in the most optimum position for their health. The chair and footrest when extended to full reclining position supports your feet in a position just above your hips. This is the ideal resting position for healthy circulation and relaxation.

Do you want to regain your independence and mobility? Order your Cambridge Rise Recliner Chair today for immediate delivery

We all face challenges as we age even if we’ve lived an active and healthy lifestyle. Increasingly limited mobility due to joint stiffness and pain can have a compounding effect. We find ourselves turning away from activities that challenge us which in turn leads to decreased mobility and less use of affected limbs and muscles which then affects our sleep and the cycle continues.
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